1. casual | Definition of casual in English by Oxford ...


    ‘This is a world of endemic and endless daily violence, and a seemingly casual disregard for the value of life.’ ‘I sincerely believe the reason we have such a casual attitude toward guns and gun handling is the fact almost everyone has never been shot before.’

  2. Types of restaurants - Wikipedia

    • Various types of restaurants fall into several industry classifications based upon menu style, preparation methods and pricing. Additionally, how the food is served to the customer helps to determine the classification. Historically, restaurant referred only to places that provided tables where one sat down to eat the meal, typically served by a waiter. Following the rise of fast food and take-out restaurants, a retronym for the older "standard" restaurant was created, sit-down restaurant. Most
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  3. Casual Dating - Casual Match, Online Dating, Casual Date ...


    Warning: This site includes adult chat, erotic videos and other explicit sexual material.You must be 18 or older to proceed. All members on this site are 18 or older.

  4. Taxation in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    • Taxation in the United Kingdom may involve payments to at least three different levels of government: central government, devolved governments and local government. Central government revenues come primarily from income tax, National Insurance contributions, value added tax, corporation tax and fuel duty. Local government revenues come primarily from grants from central government funds, business rates in England and Wales, Council Tax and increasingly from fees and charges such as those for on-
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    Synonyms of casual - indifferent, apathetic, uncaring, uninterested, unconcerned. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. This website uses cookies that provide targeted advertising and which track your use of this website.

  6. What ‘Smart Casual’ Dress Code Means - Business Insider


    "The definition can change, depending on several factors, including the industry, size of the company, number of employees, amount of interaction between employees and customers, geography ...

  7. Gender pay gap reporting: overview - GOV.UK


    From 2017, any organisation that has 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is the difference between the average earnings of ...

  8. Casual Work Contract - Simply-Docs


    If you find yourself asking 'what is a casual work contract?’ You're not alone. Luckily we have written a clear explanation to help you understand, which you can take a look at here.. Unhelpfully, the terms ‘casual workers’ and ‘zero hour workers’ are often used interchangeably and there is no definitive definition of what constitutes a zero hours contract.

  9. Informal Diction: Definition & Example - Video & Lesson ...


    Diction refers to the words and phrases an individual chooses to use in speech or in writing. Informal diction , then, is the relaxed, conversational language that we use every day.

  10. What smart casual really means - Business Insider


    After offering you the position, the hiring manager goes over all the details of your new gig: start date, salary, manager's name, and dress code — which, she says, is "smart casual." So you put ...